Bathroom Design Trends

bathroom design trends

Soothing, natural, a place of relaxation. These are the latest bathroom design trends. Soft, natural wall colours such as pale green or ivory hues will dominate.  Texture will be used to add interest to the neutral colour scheme. They can show up on shower curtains, towels, mats and other accessories.

muskoka wall tile backsplash

Concrete, stone finishes,wood-grain ceramic, porcelain or recycled tiles and weathered wood in grey tones, like driftwood or salvaged barn board, will all be great choices for accessories and floors.  People are choosing larger-format tiles and slab materials on walls and floors, with no fussy borders. Think streamlined minimalism.

Bathroom design trends include many recycled products on the market today.  Eco-friendly countertops like Ice Stone, [a recycled glass composite] and Paper Stone, [a recycled paper and resin composite] and even wood, will all be popular choices with environmentally conscious consumers. Whether on backsplashes, shower enclosures, floors – or all of the above – eye-catching tile is taking the top spot in the modern bathroom. With so many choices available, this is where you can really let your personality shine through! 

new bathroom design trends shower wall niche
New bathroom design trends. Shower wall niche!

Firstly, we need to balance design and budget. Whether you want a custom shower experience and a relaxing oasis or an upgrade to lower maintenance costs and a fresh look. Your satisfaction is what motivates us. The latest bathroom trends are still quality installations and long lasting fixtures. An experienced contractor qualified and quality materials will ensure that you are satisfied with process. We will renovate or remodel to meet your needs.

An expert can guide you through the sometimes complex process of choosing, purchasing and designing your new bathroom oasis. Because this is your opportunity to customize your bathroom or kitchen renovations around your needs! In addition, we can install anything from a steam shower to heated flooring. We can make this place your very own relaxing oasis, with a spa-like atmosphere.

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