Choosing Stone Countertops

How do you decide the right surface when you are choosing stone countertops?

Working with an experienced contractor will provide answers. We have prepared some FAQ’s to guide your decision making. Our 25 years of experience will help choosing stone countertops. Preparing your budget means you should have certain costs fixed. That way we can meet your project expectations. Your satisfaction is important. We want to meet all your needs.

Add under mount lighting to reveal the warmth and character of your countertop. Enjoy your kitchen all day long!

choosing stone countertops with a modern style

Surface lighting ensures that all areas of the kitchen are available for use. From intimate moods to prep and clean up time!

Choosing Stone Countertops

Granite : a strong material that resists cracking and chipping. Wide variety and easily maintained.
Quartz : A stain resistant stone that is non porous. Quartz rates higher than granite for chipping and cracking.
Marble : Carrera marble is a top choice on value per square foot. Mostly off white with grey streaks you will need to budget extra for a more colourful stone countertop.
Limestone : A very porous surface that is generally off white in colour. Its natural patterns are appealing and the surface is heat resistant.
Sandstone : A natural beauty that reveals rich textures and wide variety of colour and pattern.Cut from solid stone the porous surface must be finished and sealed

Caring for stone countertops

Seal the surface as soon as it has been installed. Follow the instructions for regular maintenance.
Wipe up food and drink spills as soon as possible. Wipe down marble countertops daily with mild dish detergent and warm water using a soft cloth–skip the scrubbing sponges as well. Never use vinegar, glass cleaners with ammonia, or any type of harsh cleaner.
Always protect your counter surface from hot pots, pans or dishes and use a cutting board.

Stone countertop finishes

Finishes vary for every type of stone surface. In addition to choosing stone countertops you may need to decide on how to finish it. Polished surfaces are glossy and reflect light. Most stone countertops will have a polished surface. Some stone surfaces can have a more textured finsh to them. Try to see a sample in the same room light that you will use.

Mississauga Bathrooms works with you to create the look and feel that makes sense for you and your budget. As a result, stone countertops can used to highlight areas like islands or sitting peninsulas. Make the most of design ideas by adding stone touches to kitchen backslashes.

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