How to create Raving Fans

Moen Canada can certainly show you how. First, let me give credit to the authors of a book published in 1993 and written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, because that is where I took the title for this blog. A great read still, for anyone who wants to really grasp customer service. And truth be told it works!
I spent the weekend with a dripping kitchen tap that I just couldn’t get to. I started my day at the service counter at Moen thinking that I needed to replace some parts. As my tap is about 5-6 years old I had some difficulty finding the right model number for the needed parts. Note to all: bring along a digital image and that will speed things along very nicely. When I got the faucet apart at home, it was apparent that the real problem was that the base had rusted away. I took some shots with the camera and returned to Moen. As soon as I showed them the pictures and described the problem it was resolved with a new faucet. One hour later, all was well again, except for the dishes that still needed to be done.
Here the thing. Moen states that you are buying the product for its looks and you are going to be supported for life. And it’s true! That is how they gained a Raving Fan today. A short disclaimer is necessary in that I have no professional relationship with Moen. I use the products that customers want to have installed in their homes with no bias to one supplier over another. But this level of commitment to a company mission statement is deserving of praise.

R DeNicolais

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