Kitchen Renovation Checklist

kitchen renovation checklist

Do you need a kitchen renovation checklist? I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I do consider it to be one of the most important rooms in the house and when it comes to renovations, the possibilities can be overwhelming! Where do you start? I found this great little checklist that will come in handy when you are starting to plan your kitchen renovation.

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It was designed to assist you in creating a realistic budget and time frame for your project without any surprises. Once you have completed it, take it with you to get the right products for the best price. It can help you see where you can save some money and what your options are when it comes to deciding on, purchasing and installing your new kitchen

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With this list, you can be sure that you will not neglect to consider all possibilities for your kitchen renovation.
Mississauga Bathrooms will guide you to make the best choices based on your list and budget and will offer many options to give you the flexibility to design a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and affordable too! Contact us today for a free quote.

Kitchen renovation checklist

  1. Basic Information:

    Set your budget and calculate your square footage

  2. Designing Your Floor Plan:

    Consider how your new lifestyle and family needs will be met. Do you need to remove walls? Will you need a design planner?

  3. Appliances:

    Decide on which appliances are being replaced. You will need the dimensions for any new appliances. Will you be adding any new appliances and will they need new wiring or plumbing?

  4. Lighting

    Lighting will be critical to your kitchen renovation. In addition to creating the mood, proper lighting is needed for an efficient working areas. Consider adding pot lights, track lights and under the counter lighting.

  5. Flooring

    Firstly, kitchen flooring is available in many styles. Will it be a transition from from the entryway or a continuation? Is comfort a greater priority or ease of cleanup?

  6. Cabinets

    Above all else, cabinets are the heart and soul of any kitchen. From a simple replacement of existing cabinets with new kitchen cabinet doors or a whole new look. You want to create a look and add the functionality that makes sense for your family. Will it be a modern design, a country kitchen, or are we creating something completely custom?

  7. Countertops

    Any countertop you choose needs to be attractive, durable and easy to maintain. Because there many options and price ranges to choose from careful consideration must our guide.

Finally, there any many details to check off before starting. Click this link to see a very thorough Kitchen Renovation Checklist here:

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