Waterproofing Bathrooms

First of all, waterproofing bathrooms will remove a major building defect. Water damage can lead to structural damage and mold. This article will help you understand that waterproofing bathrooms is essential. Also, we explain why it needs to be expertly done.

shower floor drain

Water damage can result from poorly installed waterproofing in as little as 2 years! Trapped water can’t drain properly.

Waterproofing, as a trade, has been part of home construction for more than 13,000 years. Any wet area in your home such as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry will have high levels of moisture or condensation. Because waterproofing is normally required anywhere there is a water outlet it must be correctly installed.

The building code lists a number of requirements for waterproofing bathrooms. These cover the surface height around shower areas and bathtubs. Also, the shower floor needs to be waterproof. In addition, they specify the types of materials to be used. We provide the highest standard of installation services to these areas.

shower floor drain reveals damage

Mould building up in the corners was the first sign that the waterproof membrane was failing.

Start by using the proper materials. Above all, make sure that you understand the difference between waterproof and water resistant. Understand the need to use the right product in certain areas. Because Mississauga Bathrooms have over 25 years of experience in waterproofing bathrooms, you can rely on us. Another concern is to make sure there is adequate ventilation provided. The proper exhaust fan will vent the bathroom and control moisture. Consider using a timer switch so that the fan will run for right amount of time. This simple addition can add years of enjoyment to your remodelled bathroom.

fully enclosed shower install lacking proper ventilation

Shower stall installation that failed, due to badly executed design and installation. Moisture trapped inside and on the floor.

Finally involve your contractor from the start. Share your budget and design ideas. Certainly there may be options to your project to improve design and function. Above all, we focus on working with your budget so that you get the value that you deserve.

waterproofing bathrooms properly done

After consultation and proper installation, a shower stall that will be problem free including a shower wall niche. Glass doors with the proper slope for drainage. The final step!

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